The frontend to TotalFreedom's new server panel.
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#FreedomPanel Web

##Basic Information A web panel for Freedom Servers built for TotalFreedomMod and FreedomPanel. Built for the TotalFreedomMC server.

######Incomplete, features may or may not work


  • User accounts
  • Permission levels
  • Integrated logviewer
  • Web based map changes
  • Web based console
  • Integration with TotalFreedomMod and the FreedomPanel backend


  • PHP 5.4 or newer with OpenSSL
  • HTTP(S) Web Server (Apache or nginx have both been tested)
  • MySQL database


  • Extract the panel onto a PHP 5.4+ web server -
  • Import the .sql file into a MySQL database
  • Enter database details into global/config.php
  • Login to the panel with the username admin password admin - please change this account password as soon as possible.
  • Create a user account for yourself, and then set up from the admin panel.

###API Usage FreedomPanelWeb includes an API that can be accessed by users, this allows third party applications to be developed that can communicate with the server via the FreedomPanel using a particular user's user account.

  • A users API key can be found on the user's account page, it can also be regenerated from here.
  • Any API access is performed at the same permission level as the user.
  • All usage under an API key, will be logged as the user in which the key belongs to.
  • The API can be globally disabled from the config.

Anyone can develop applications that will use the API. The API is a simple HTTP API with JSON responses.