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Paldiu 0cccf50a85 1.4.0 Update
Feature Update:
- SQL Support (MySQL, REDIS, SQLite)
- Global Verbosity Control
- Reimplemented Experimental OreVein
2024-04-15 21:17:10 -05:00
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FeelingLucky v1.3.0 - A luck driven mechanics plugin.

Plugin Description:

For All Users:

FeelingLucky is a mechanics plugin designed to expand upon the Luck attribute which Minecraft provides. Each user is assigned a tangible Luck stat, which can be viewed by using /luck info. Users can increase their luck stat by using a rabbit's foot, or increase their luck and their luck multiplier by consuming a special rabbits foot purchased from a Butcher villager. Beware though, if you take damage from guardian lasers or a witch's potion, there's a chance your luck will decrease instead.

For Administrators:

Admins can modify values in the configuration file, as well as modify individual user's luck stat. Admins can set, reset, add to, and take from player's luck stat. Admins can also reload the main configuration, as well as individual and all player configurations. For this, the command is /luck reload -m for the main config, /luck reload to reload all player configurations, and /luck reload -p PLAYER_NAME to reload individual player configuration files. Server owners and/or individuals with console access can run /rgc to regenerate the main configuration file in the case that there are values missing, corrupted, or invalid.

Server Requirements:

In order to run FeelingLucky v1.1.0, the latest version of Paper or Spigot is required.

Note: Paper is REQUIRED for this plugin to run. Spigot is not supported, however Spigot support is currently in progress.

Note: If you are migrating from an Alpha build, the plugin configuration folder will need to be regenerated.